Yukon Log Homes FAQ

What is included with the log home package?
Our home packages are sold to you with all log components included and in place, such as wall logs, beams, 2nd level log floor joists, trusses and purlins if applicable.   With some models a deck, fireplace, teleports, and window tint system are all included as well.

Is delivery and setup included?
Yukon Log Homes is happy to ship your log home or log cabin in to Second Life.
Assistance is available to help set up your new log home, deck and teleport on your site, on request. (Initial, one-time setup).

Are custom modifications able to be done to the home after purchase?
I sell the cabins as “mod” to enable purchasers to customize their homes, remember though, that many of the textures are custom and some homes are not copy. I’m sorry, but no, the textures are not available separately.
We do not at this time offer custom work sorry.

Door Controls
It is now necessary to use multiple types of scripts as it depends on updates to the grid and which will work best. Please contact us if you have problems or issues with the door controls/scripts.

Window Tints Controls
The window tint in the models where it is included, is ready to go, the control panel is on the wall. In some it is set so that only members of the group which it is set to can control it. If you want anyone to be able to control it, set it to “no group”. Only some of the windows are set to tint, in some models the other windows are one-way glass, so you can see out, but not in. Remember that whatever group you have “active” at the time of rezzing the cabin will become the group the cabin (or any object you rez) is set to. To change this afterwards, go to edit on the cabin, and set the cabin to the group ( or no group) that you prefer.